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Can Chiropractic Care Help with a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a condition that occurs when the vertebrae disc cushioning around your spine gets damaged. It’s a degenerative disc issue that strains the spinal cord and nearby nerves, causing a lot of pain. There are different techniques to help heal this issue. But can Chiropractic care help with a herniated disc? The answer is yes. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive method that relieves herniated disc pain and other related symptoms.


In this article, we’ll share with you how a chiropractor can help with a herniated disc.


Herniated Disc Examination

An experienced Chiropractor will begin the care by assessing the extent of the damage to the herniated disc. The examination involves the inspection of an entire spine. They don’t just focus on the painful parts. When necessary, they also carry out a physical examination and look into your medical history. Sometimes they will also order diagnostic tests.

During the examination, a Chiropractor will focus their efforts on determining:

  • Whether your reflexes are normal

  • Whether you have sensation loss or numbness

  • Whether you have decreased muscle strength or just muscle loss


And depending on their findings, they would determine the kind of Chiropractic method to use for your care. Cases such as loss of sensation signal, muscle strength or reflexes show that you might need more aggressive treatment.

Sometimes after the examination, they might recommend against Chiropractic. This depends on the findings of their examination. The following are instances and patients who are not advised to undergo a Chiropractor treatment.

  • High risk of stroke

  • A bone of abnormality along the upper part of the neck

  • Spinal cancer

  • Advanced osteoporosis


Best Chiropractic Techniques For Treating Herniated Disc

An experienced Chiropractor will develop a treatment plan for a patient after the examination. The following are the specific and most effective Chiropractic techniques that help in dealing with Herniated Disc issues.


Flex-Distraction Technique

This is the most effective Chiropractic treatment. Its goal is to reduce the pressure exerted on the discs. And it involves using a special table that makes it easier for the Chiropractor to stretch the patient’s spine. A slight force is also applied to the affected area in a rhythmic pattern.

This is also a very gentle and painless procedure. It makes it the perfect choice for patients in severe pain. And it moves the herniated disc away from the affected area. This takes away all the pain.


Pelvic Blocking Treatment

Here is another technique for healing herniated discs. It uses cushioned wedges designed for Chiropractic use. And during the procedure, the Chiropractor put wedges on both sides of the pelvis. They naturally pull away your herniated disc from the painful area. The technique also helps with other issues, such as headaches and bodily pain.

So, Can Chiropractic Care Help with a Herniated Disc? Yes. All you need to do is find an experienced Chiropractor near you. They will perform an extermination exercise. And after the examination, they will advise whether it’s safe to have the Chiropractor or if you need another specialist.

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