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Nourishments & Hydration
IV Therapy

Effective way to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and supplements to the body. Improves overall physical and emotional wellbeing, Improves mental clarity and cognitive function, Promotes optimal energy and function, boosts skin health, Supports body detoxification, Addiction recovery, Promotes brain health.

IV THerapy

 Performance Care invites you to unwind and replenish your body in our IV treatment lounge. Our IV infusions provide a direct delivery of fluids, vital nutrients, electrolytes, and vitamins into your bloodstream. By bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, the nutrients remain intact, ensuring their optimal absorption. This natural therapeutic approach facilitates swift healing, enhances your well-being, and revitalizes your entire being.

Common Conditions Treated

IV nutrient therapy is utilized to address various common ailments including hangovers, migraines, jet lag, stomach bugs, influenza, dehydration, muscle recovery, skin hydration, and multivitamin supplementation. At  Performance Care Sports Medicine we offer specific protocols tailored to your symptoms, ensuring a straightforward and comprehensible process. Rest assured, we maintain the

utmost standards to provide the best care for our patients.


Come sit back and relax in our lounge chairs (wi-fi avail).  Allow 45-60 minutes for most IV infusions.  Appointments recommended.

(Get $30 off your first visit!)

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Enhance Your Life

Start with your free consultation today and come appreciate what high-quality standard of what state-of-the-art health care feels like.

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