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How Active Release Can Help With

Frozen Shoulder

Active release technique is a soft-tissue therapy that helps to restore motion, flexibility and reduces pain in the muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons. It is one of the most effective treatment methods for treating back pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, sciatica pain, knee pain and frozen shoulder among other joints and muscle pains.


Active-release technique works on scar tissue, which is the body’s natural response to any kind of pain. In most cases, all types of soft-tissue injuries can benefit from the active-release technique. One common condition that ART can help is the frozen shoulder.


How active-release technique can help with frozen-shoulder

The shoulder is a sensitive joint with a wide range of motions. Also, there are several muscles involved to move and stabilize the shoulder. Any injury or imbalance of the joint can lead to altered function resulting in pain or limiting any form of movement.

Frozen shoulder is a condition that is limiting and very painful. It comprises of depreciation of the capsule, which surrounds the joint of the shoulder. But with appropriate treatment such as active release technique, the pain can be decreased and the problem can be fixed within a short period of time.


Most people with chronic or acute pains no longer rely on pain relief drugs. This is because the drugs are not effective at treating the source of the pain and they come with many side-effects. People have now turned to alternative treatment methods such as active release technique.


When you visit a pain relief clinic for active release technique treatment, the specialist will first examine your shoulder to determine the possible cause of the pain. The tests are very important because they define the problems and determine what is the best ART strategy that should be used.


In some cases, you may be required to undertake further tests such as scans to learn more about the frozen shoulder. After the tests, the specialist will choose the best technique to apply to reduce the pain. Together with exercises and other physical activities, the doctor will apply several techniques to ensure the condition and the shoulder is free from pain.


Why active release technique is the best treatment method for frozen shoulder

Active release technique is a therapy that helps the muscles to contract, slide, and lengthen fully contributing to better joint and muscle function. It is a technique that helps with injury recovery process and also reduces the chances of the injury recurring.


One of the main benefits of the treatment is that it focuses on relieving the pain and reinstating your shoulder’s normal position. With this treatment, no drugs or operations are used. Some of the techniques involved are massages, exercises, and various physical activities. You may also be required to avoid activities that require lifting, overhead reaching or things that can worsen the condition.


Why choose Performance Care Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center for frozen shoulder treatment

Active release technique has become one of the most recommended treatment methods for chronic pains. Whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain, visit Performance Care Sports Medicine for top quality treatment. At our clinic, we understand the burdens of living with a frozen shoulder. Through our trained practitioners, we will be able to relieve the pain in a short period of time. With our proven treatment methods, we can use to ensure that your frozen shoulder is healed completely. Call us today and start living a life without pain.

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