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Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon in Burbank, CA, then consider a visit to the Bearded Lady's Mystic museum. This museum is located at 3204 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. This quirky novelty shop also has a little museum of oddities inside. You'll find everything from weird and wonderful items to vintage clothing and novelty books. Here, you'll find all the facts you need to know to make your trip as memorable as possible.

If you're a lover of oddities and macabre art, you should check out the Bearded Lady's Mystic museum in Burbank. It is a small but interesting museum filled with a range of vintage and macabre items. There are also spooky art shows, interactive props, Ouija boards, palmistry, and Tarot readings. The museum is located in Magnolia Park, a fun and unique neighborhood of Burbank.

The museum's next exhibit is "Family Goals," and will run for another few months. The museum also holds monthly Club Coven meetings, where the Mystic Dylan leads. Visitors are encouraged to bring offerings to cast spells, and if they have a desire to do so, they can give offerings. Guests can even take part in the rituals. For example, if you're looking for a unique way to spend a special day with your family, gift a monetary cash present at the Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum.

The California Jewish Heritage Center is another great destination for families. The center is devoted to preserving California's Jewish heritage and features exhibits and events for families. There are also interactive play areas for children, including Noah's Ark. Almost life-size replicas of the biblical ship are filled with wonderful contraptions and animals. You'll love your time here. The museum also has a great online database for all of the museum's objects.

The Robert Gumbiner Museum was originally a private collection that was opened in 1996. The museum now represents more than 1,500 works by artists from 20 countries in Latin America. Exhibits include the works of Judith Baca, an artist best known for designing the longest mural in the world. The museum hosts a tour at 2pm every Saturday. The museum also features a sculpture garden.

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Another unique museum in Los Angeles is the Museum of Jurassic Technology. This museum features exhibits that fall somewhere between a Victorian curiosity cabinet and a circus sideshow. Highlights include information about the "Stink Ant of the Cameroon", an elaborate fruit stone carving and a "real-life" human horn. The museum is well worth a visit if you're looking for a fun and memorable day out in Burbank.


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