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With every passing year, more people have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This condition can deteriorate the quality of life for people living with it in many ways as they cannot simply go about their daily business performing ordinary tasks without pain. Symptoms include tingling, numbness, a burning sensation and wrist pain which may be accompanied by the inability to grasp objects correctly. While the disease can be treated with a carpal tunnel release procedure which involves surgical intervention, chiropractic care could be a better alternative for most CTS patients.

What is CTS?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is commonly diagnosed condition that affects the carpal tunnel that is a narrow passage located in the wrist. Through this passage, the meridian nerve, an important nerve for movement control and sensory functions of the hand, passes. When this passage is affected, a swelling causes the blockage and thus leading to pain and other symptoms of CTS. Generally, women are more prone to the disease compared to men.


What causes CTS

Unfortunately, it is mostly unclear what exactly causes all forms of CTS except that some are linked to repeated motions like typing and factory work. Genetics might be weighing heavily as a risk factor but there also many other unrelated causes. To make matters worse, the syndrome is mostly mistake for arthritis and other common chronic pain illnesses and therefore incorrectly treated sometimes for years.


How to treat CTS

The mainstream treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome include the invasive surgical procedure and steroid injections. These leave patients with limited options especially since surgery does not always deliver much needed relief. As disconcerting as this may be, there is still hope to persons living with the disease because a chiropractor can be of great use to betterment of their health.

In recent studies with CTS patients, tremendous results were achieved in motions, finger sensation and alleviation of physical pain for the patients through chiropractor’s care. Here are reasons why this looks very promising moving forward and many people are opting for it as a treatment option for the syndrome.

  • Less invasive than carpal release surgery

Surgery may be necessary for the extreme cases and as your physician see fit but it is certainly not the complete best fit solution for every patient. For some cases, surgery is less than ideal and a chiropractor will come in handy.

Drugs are not the ideal treatment plan for everyone especially for chronic pain illnesses. There are adverse reactions with pain meds from some patients and over dependence on the drugs is another risk factor.

  • Patient centered treatment and care

A chiropractor offers personalized care and helps the patient recover both physically and mentally. Patients also learn how to manage the condition effectively to avoid future recurrence of pain.

Whether you have been diagnosed with CTS or you suspect that you have been misdiagnosed for something else with wrist pain, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor near you today. The national institute of neurological disorders recognizes the gap in treatment of CTS and recommends chiropractors as one of the best alternative treatments for the condition.


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