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History of Chiropractic Care: Origin, Contributions, and Controversies

The year is 1895 when Daniel David Palmer adjusted a deaf janitor’s spine and claimed to restore his hearing. This was the first recorded event in the history of Chiropractic Care. However, Palmer didn’t claim to be the first person to carry out the procedure. During that time, it was a common practice. It was mainly known as spinal manipulation. Palmer claimed that he was the first to use specific contacts for short-leverage points and make spinal adjustments.


Shortly After Restoring Hearing


After the first procedure, Palmer took a step ahead and founded the Palmer Chiropractic School. In this institution, he taught other people his spine manipulation methods. They formed the first group of trained Chiropractors.

The early years of Chiropractic therapy brought tension among medical professionals. Statutes to use the technique were not established until many years later. Until the 1960s, Chiropractors got fined and jailed for practising without a license.




A mythical aspect of the history of Chiropractic care still clings to date. This is because there’s no agreement among the witnesses about the healing of the deaf Janitor. No specific information or people who saw the event when it actually occurred. The healing was regarded as a freak occurrence. However, later studies justified the claims, and Chiropractic care became a thing in most states.

Even after years of studies, a branch of academic medicine still regards Chiropractic methods as pure speculations. Its claim of healing low back pain is unsubstantiated. As a result, the medical world doesn’t recognize or acknowledge Chiropractic care as an effective technique to heal the pain. This is why only a few hospitals permit chiropractors to treat their patients.


Tension and contradictions don’t just only exist in mainstream medicine. Even within the Chiropractic itself, disagreements about the definitions and therapy scope of practice seem to be disagreements. Different methods compete against each other.


However, despite the controversies around Chiropractic care, it has become a common practice in the US. The therapy is authorized in 50 states. It provides patients with explanations, healing, concrete experiences, and meaning to a high level of restored sense of well-being.


Chiropractic Contribution To Modern Treatment

In the most recent years, there has been close cooperation between mainstream medicine and Chiropractic. Cooperation and care of patients is now more common than years ago. Physical therapists, medical doctors, Chiropractors, and other health workers are now forcing interdisciplinary practices. And you can easily get the services from different clinics. It’s common that sometimes your doctor might recommend or prescribe you get Chiropractic care.


Today, Chiropractors are more educated and have better control. They primarily provide interventions for patients recovering from injuries. With their help, patients regain their mobility and relieve serious body pain. They work together with other physicians to enhance the wellbeing of patients.

The history of Chiropractic care has grown, endured, and thrived in the modern world despite the controversies around it. And it’s evident that it will continue thriving as more studies are being carried out to prove its viability. You can expect the practice to be around for the longest and even become more popular with time.

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