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North Hollywood, the home of NoHo Arts District, was established in 1887. It is a neighborhood of the Los Angeles city, located in the east San Fernando Valley region. The town is a motherland for theater and art lovers.

Location: The Sun Valley stands on the north of the town. There is Burbank on the east side of the city. The Toluca Lake surrounds the southeast and south and the Valley Village, and Valley Glen borders its west side. The town has seven public schools and eight private schools.

History: Formerly named as “Toluca” when Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company established it in 1887, later the name was changed to “Lankershim” in 1896. The town was mainly bought for a farming process of the company. After that, the company established the townsite and the residents named it "Toluca." The next name "Lanker shim” got recognition in 1905 despite being given in 1896. After three decades in 1927, it was renamed to “North Hollywood.”


The town had to go through some severe controversies; it got this new name. So you can see the city is younger than most of the municipalities in LA. The town, when established, was renowned for its fruit production. For the high water table there, the farmers didn't have to rely on rainwater for irrigation. The fruits could survive a severe drought in the 1890s. People used to call the place "the land of peach."

Later on, severe conspiracies against the fruit farmers forced them to mortgage and sell their lands. Then gradually, the owners and their children' moving out of the city, the town turned into a center of theaters and arts. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is the one of the leading attraction of this city. Notable people like Corbin Bernsen, Adam Corolla, Gene Autry, Maureen Dragone, Bob Hope, Rex Ingram, Tina Jordan and many others have been here and stayed here. 

Art and Entertainment, Recreational Places, Restaurants and what not.

The town has got a good number of eye-catching places like Emmys Television Academy, The Alley Music Studios, Hollywood Escape House, Disney Interactive Studios, Jackalope Pottery, and plants, etc. If you want to dine out, you have a lot of options here. Go to The Club Contra or Skinny’s Lounge in NoHo or The Federal NoHo or the Idle Hour or CA Del Sole or The Front Yard or The Garden and many other famous restaurants it got. 

Want some recreation? You have all the opportunities to have it here. North Weddington Recreation Center, InPlayLA, North Hollywood Park can be best for you. Do you have a dog? Take it to the North Hollywood Dog Park or Whitnall Off-Leash Dog Park and make it happy! Also, it has got a few comedy clubs too. Haha, Comedy Club is one of them.

And! The town is enhanced with museums. Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation & Museum, George Westmore research library & museum, The Museum of the San Fernando Valley or Poodleville North Hollywood and lots of other galleries are there in this small town! So, are you going to visit North Hollywood Town in LA? Don’t forget to get the whole essence of this town. You’ll love the place and the environment there. Don't forget to visit the theaters. Be assured that you will make an unforgettable memory there.

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