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What are the 3 Methods Chiropractors Use?

Chiropractic therapy combines a number of techniques that help relieve pain and restore mobility. Depending on a particular case, a Chiropractor determines the best method for each condition. Sometimes different methods are combined to heal different issues. There are many methods a Chiropractor can use on a patient. However, the top three are common and treat most body issues. And in this article, we’ll dig deeper and help you understand the three top methods Chiropractors use.


Method 1: The Diversified Chiropractic Method

The diversified technique is the most common method. Chiropractors use. The famous popping noise from the Chiropractic technique is derived from this specific method. The sound comes from the unlocking joints that release pressure during the procedure. You’ll hear the popping sound. And that’s why most people think all Chiropractic methods come with that popping noise.


A Chiropractor uses their hands to apply pressure on the segment that needs treatment. Usually around the vertebral segment. The method is mainly used on patients of injuries. The procedure aims at restoring mobility on the patients.


Diversified Chiropractic method involves a series of vertebral segment adjustments. The chiropractor does them by delivering short thrusts directly to the joint. It’s done at a specific speed, angle and direction. It’s a very careful technique that trained and licensed Chiropractors can only carry out.


A Chiropractor has the option to perform the procedure manually or using a block or even a table. And the procedure is usually painless for the patient. Most patients report a sense of relief immediately after the therapy has been done to them.


Method 2: The Extremity Manipulation Technique

Like its name, the Extremity method focuses on extremities, not the spine. That means instead of performing an adjustment on the patient’s spine, the Chiropractor focuses on the joints and manipulates them. It’s common to treat issues affecting body parts such as ankle joints, knees, hips, wrists, Elbows, and shoulders. And it mainly helps patients dealing with issues such as posture and carpal tunnel syndrome. The method works by aligning joints outside the spine. It’s a painless method. However, as the joint re-adjust, the method might cause some discomfort.


Method 3: The Activator Chiropractic Technique

Here’s another effective method used by Chiropractors. It uses an activator—a device loaded with springs. And it provides a quick low-force vibrations-like impulse to the patient. The Chiropractor uses directly on the affected areas.

The activator method is mainly used on areas such as the neck and back. It helps relieve pain in extremities such as knees and shoulders.

The activator soothes the muscles because it delivers the impulses quickly. It prevents the muscles from becoming very tense. And it can apply controlled force on affected areas without forcing the joints to twist or bend. A licensed Chiropractor will assess your situation and recommend the best technique for your issue. That’s why you should never get either of the above methods from just anyone. Always engage and work with qualified and licensed chiropractors.

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