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Nice Places to Visit in North Hollywood, CA

Why is North Hollywood the Yardstick for Greatest Neighborhood to Live in?


Hollywood itself has separated from the rest of America as the ultimate dreamland for living and real-estate. More recently, North Hollywood became a heaven for not only celebrities to live in but the common American as well. Due to its safety, elegance, and more reasonable pricing than in other areas of Hollywood, the North has become the definition of high-quality and good riddance. 


Below, you will find the most striking areas North Hollywood is famous for, as well as the reasons why this appealing neighborhood became so captivating to people across the globe:


1. San Fernando Valley

Vibrant and energetic, this peaceful neighborhood settled in the middle of North Hollywood is both staggering and attractive to both tourists and residents-to-be. If you are keen on an active nightlife and a huge variety of art, this is where you need to be. 


2. The NoHo Buzzing Neighborhood

Finding a place to live right in the center of all happenings can be busy and noisy all at once, but will certainly keep you in touch with the latest developments in the celebrity industry and technology department. Plus, who can resist living right next to all things Emmy-related? However, for the quiet ones, the neighborhood is known to be quiet enough if you are ready to look for property little outside the city’s center. 


3. NoHo’s Fancy Neighborhood

Are you a fan of fine dining, located just around the corner from your place of residence? Then this restaurant and lounge bar-packed hood will make all your dreams come true. The restaurant district is a tad quieter than the rest of the neighborhood and has become a yummy location, which attracts more and more residents as years go by. 


The overall atmosphere in North Hollywood is more than positive, which is due to the fact that this up-and-coming area has proved itself practical, economical and entertaining at the same time. Close to downtown Los Angeles as well as other appealing areas, NoHo has become a real-estate mogul.


Have in mind that North Hollywood may not be the perfect match for you, depending on what your personal flavor is. However, knowing that Studio City is basically at a walking distance, as well as both Silverlake and Echo parks, it does not seem so bad at all. 


As a matter of fact, realizing that you a drive away from downtown Hollywood, where all the magic happens, is not a bad thing at all. 


Still, residents and denizens from the area suggest you choose South of Burbank and East of Vineland. 

Typically, as far as pricing is concerned, rents vary from as much as 950 to 1100 dollars for a single bedroom apartment. Local markets and nearby attractions are just feet away from the comfort of your own home- how outstanding is that? 


Generally, North Hollywood gained its popularity due to its irresistible charm and energy, so if you are ever offered the chance to live here, we warmly advise you to.

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