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North Hollywood Community

The eclectic and diverse community of North Hollywood, CA, nestled in the San Fernando Valley, offers a wide range of amenities. The neighborhood has a mix of historic and up-and-coming residential blocks and a thriving NoHo Arts District. There are historic theaters, art galleries, and an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and you'll find everything from vintage shops to casual cafes, from vintage clothing to craft beer.

This quaint community was originally a farming community that grew peaches, wheat, and other crops. Its population continued to grow, even after the devastating flood of 1938. World War II also contributed to North Hollywood's growth, with several airfields being built here. This resulted in a population boom as more returning veterans moved to the area.


The community of North Hollywood, also known as NoHo, is a diverse part of Los Angeles, separated from the rest of the city by the Hollywood Hills. North Hollywood is home to a thriving arts and entertainment district with over 20 theaters and an abundance of art galleries. It is also a walkable neighborhood.


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The area surrounding North Hollywood is home to 112,305 people. However, these numbers do not necessarily match with political boundaries. North Hollywood is part of Los Angeles County, but it's zip code does not match it. You can search for flights to other cities within four hours of North Hollywood, CA, and see if they have any availability.


The Metro public transportation system serves the area. Its terminus is located at the intersection of Chandler Blvd and Lankershim Blvd. The Red Line runs from there south through Universal City to Hollywood, while the Orange Line heads west through the Valley neighborhoods. In addition to its public transportation network, North Hollywood boasts many small independent theatres. One of the most popular is the El Portal Theatre, located on Lankershim and Weddington.


The NoHo Arts District of North Hollywood, CA is located less than ten minutes away from Hollywood Boulevard. The San Fernando Valley and Griffith Park separate the two cities, and North Hollywood has a down-to-earth vibe. The NoHo Arts District is the equivalent of 'off-Broadway' in LA. Its downtown has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene that has cultivated both seasoned pros and up-and-coming talent.


The area is also home to many popular parks and recreation facilities. Griffith Park, for example, contains the famous Hollywood sign, as well as 53 acres of hiking trails, the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, several playgrounds, and the Griffith Observatory, which offers a beautiful view of downtown LA. Moreover, the area is home to the acclaimed Colony Theater, which has been putting on top-notch shows for 40 years. Visitors can enjoy intimate seating and a wide selection of plays featuring local talent.

North Hollywood is home to several historic buildings. It is also home to new apartment complexes with modern amenities. Prices range from $1,731 per month to $3,312 per month, and there are many places to rent in the neighborhood.


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