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Why Physical Therapy is Important after Knee Surgery

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Surgery can prove to be a good option for individuals who are struggling with severe knee pain. During the surgery, an artificial joint will be attached by the surgeon to your knee so as to replace the damaged part of the joint. In most cases, people more than 50 years of age or those suffering from severe osteoarthritis are required to undergo knee replacement surgeries. A surgical procedure is an ultimate solution for the patient when all other treatment methods have failed to heal the pain and other related symptoms.


The recovery process following knee surgery has become quite simple as well as quick thanks to the advancements in surgical technology at present. However, you need to be aware of several things that happen to be an integral part of the post-surgery recovery.


Immediately Following the Surgery

You can always expect to remain at the hospital for at least 3 to 5 days once your surgery is completed. Moreover, you are going to be confined to the bed for the initial 24 hours after the surgery.


Following this, most patients will be able to make some simple movements and stand up as well. However, you will need to use parallel bars or any other walking device during the early stages of your rehabilitation period. The majority of the folks can walk around without any help after approximately 6 weeks following the surgery.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is essential for many folks who undergo knee surgery and you will come across quite a few exercises that will help to revive back your strength once again. It is your physical therapist who will formulate the most effective individual plan ideal for you. This plan might consist of the following:


1. Postoperative workouts - These exercises will help to get your knees back to their original condition. These might consist of some basic leg bends, raises, strengthening workouts, plus stuff like quadruped strengtheners, and so on.


2. Cycling - Cycling can prove to be an effective way to strengthen your knees following the surgery. Your therapist will be the best person to tell you exactly how much cycling you will need to do on a regular basis.


3. Resistance workouts - Once your knees revive back some more strength, the therapist might prescribe exercises for you related to using resistance, for example, rubber straps.

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