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Why Physical Therapy is Important after Back Surgery

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Many individuals have to deal with severe pain in their spine at some point in their lives. In such situations, surgery can prove to be the only solution for getting rid of this agonizing discomfort at the back. In this article, we will discuss how physical therapy can help you recover after back surgery.


In most cases, arm and leg pain also associated with back or neck pain and back surgery is performed to minimize the pressure on those nerve roots responsible for triggering this debilitating pain. Once the surgery is completed, the symptoms still persist and the arm and leg weaknesses do not go away completely. Fortunately, this is going to bother the patient only for a short span of time.


After performing the back surgery, the physician will direct the patient to outpatient physical therapy so as to get the maximum benefits from the operation. A comprehensive assessment from a PT is imperative to make the patient move once again in the correct way. In all probabilities, he avoided all these movements and actions prior to undergoing the surgery. However, it is of prime importance to start making movements in every direction after the surgery has been performed. This is exactly where an experienced and competent physical therapist will come into play.


The therapy will enable the patient to do stabilization workouts according to his personal requirements, enhance the flexibility of the musculature adjoining the joints and the spine, and also execute loading techniques so that it is feasible to make proper contacts with every component of the vertebrae. It is not a sensible idea to take the help of the Internet for doing all these since the case of every patient will be different from the other. A therapist is going to observe the movements of the entire body while performing various activities and thus figure out any incorrect motion pattern at any specific joint.


Never perform any generic exercise or stretches at your residence following the back surgery. Instead, it will be prudent to talk to your PT who will be the best person to assess your present condition and recommend you the best treatment that will help you recover quickly after the back surgery.

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