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Performance Care Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is in business for the last 2 decades and have helped numerous patients regain their pain-free lifestyle once again. In case you are suffering from persistent pain, feel free to come in touch with us and we would always lend you a helping hand. Moreover, our proven cellular therapies along with our advanced physical therapy plus rehabilitation are completely risk-free without any kind of side effect at all. You will soon be able to enhance your range of motion, eliminate any type of pain and go back to sporting activities, climbing staircases, sprinting, walking, and so on thanks to our competent and caring medical team.


1. Non-surgical spinal disc decompression  

This type of treatment is intended for alleviating acute and persistent spinal pain related to stenosis, herniated, protruding, broken, or degenerative discs. This therapy is absolutely risk-free and does not involve anesthesia, injections or spinal surgical procedures. The total time for the treatment happens to be around 30 minutes consisting of a sequence of as many as fifteen 1-minute alternating cycles (a decompression cycle and a relaxation cycle). The pressure is minimized within the disc during the decompression stage which produces a vacuum-like effect on the disc enhancing the ability of the Nucleus Pulposis to make use of oxygen as well as nutrition. The nutrition and the oxygen are diffused into the disc by means of traction or decompression thus accelerating the healing process of Annulus Fibrosis (the external hard cartilaginous tissues).  


2. Knee pain treatment    

Effective treatment of knee pain using our innovative Knee Rejuvenation Program™ will aid in the following remedies:  

a. Get rid of knee pain or at least minimize it.  

b. Enhance your ability such that you are able to lead a better and more active lifestyle.  

c. Eliminate the requirement for cortisone injections.  

d. Reduce the necessity of painkillers.  

e. Eradicate or minimize the requirement for any agonizing knee replacement surgical procedure.  


This Knee Rejuvenation Program™ happens to be a completely natural procedure which will provide you with long-lasting outcomes. After assessing your problem, our team of competent physicians will provide you with a personalized treatment plan involving an effective treatment which has been approved by the FDA.   


3. Chiropractic care  

Our team of expert chiropractors will work with you for correcting any spinal misalignment including even the minor ones. At first, these physicians are going to evaluate your medical history and then examine you fully so as to comprehend the precise location of these subluxations. Following this, they are going to guide your spine back to its original posture by means of gentle chiropractic adjustments. Besides these spinal adjustments, you might also be recommended other types of complementary therapies which will help to enhance the natural healing process.


Moreover, they will also give instructions to their patients regarding therapeutic workouts so as to enhance their core strength. Apart from this, the patient will also be assisted with the innovative Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) for healing the soft tissues plus nutritional therapy as well for overall body healing.  


4. Sports Injury Rehabilitation  

These sessions are going to consist of the following:  

a. Sports specific technical examination.  

b. Accurate clinical assessment of an injury.  

c. Recovery services.  

d. Development of a treatment procedure intended for the individual as well as his sport.  

e. Avoidance of any future injury.  

f. Improvement of the performance of those folks who lead an active lifestyle.  


This breathtaking and evolutionary Sports Injury Rehabilitation therapy comprises of both functional as well as correctional workouts which helps to regain the mobility of the athlete without any kind of pain whatsoever, and the healthy movement patterns are going to be optimized throughout the entire body.   


5. Cold laser therapy  

Our cutting-edge cold laser therapy is approved by the FDA and it has the ability to alleviate persistent and acute pain from any musculoskeletal issue like back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, ligament sprains, bursitis, muscle strain, tendinitis, soft tissue injuries as well as tennis elbow. This therapy consists of a complete range of verified, therapeutic, and super-pulsed lasers which help to enhance cell metabolism, anti-inflammation and also microcirculation.  


6. Injection medicine  

Performance Care comprehends the need for every patient to get rid of severe pain as well as discomfort. These injections which are intended to provide relief to these individuals are provided by certified as well as experienced physicians who care for each patient individually while going through the healing procedure step-by-step. Moreover, these injections are administered right in our clinic providing the patients with immediate relief. The different types of injections provided by us consist of trigger point injections, cortisone injections, intra-articular joint injections, Sacroiliac Joint Injections, and non-steroidal injections. Besides all the above-mentioned services, we likewise provide some specialty services consisting of stem cell therapy, cryotherapy, and PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy).  

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