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The Town North Hollywood

North Hollywood is a diverse, eclectic community in the San Fernando Valley. It has everything from modest residential blocks to the NoHo Arts District. The neighborhood is home to the historic El Portal Theatre and a number of up-and-coming playhouses. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is also located here. In addition to art galleries and craft beer bars, the area is also home to vintage shops and casual cafes.

The town was originally settled in the late 1800s, and its early years were characterized by agriculture. The region produced peaches, wheat, and other crops. Despite a devastating flood in 1938, the area continued to grow. The region also had several airfields during World War II. Once the war ended, many of the airfields became suburbs for returning veterans. As a result, the population of the area skyrocketed.

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In addition to the arts and entertainment, North Hollywood has several parks and attractions for families and children. La Tuna Canyon Park offers a variety of outdoor activities, including a basketball and tennis court, and a baseball diamond. If you're looking for a more family-friendly destination, Universal Studios is a great place to visit. It has a unique atmosphere that appeals to all ages, and you can find something for everyone in North Hollywood.


Historically, the area was known as Toluca and Lankershim. At one time, the Bonner Fruit Company, which canned more than 1 million tons of fruit, was the largest employer in the area. During the Mexican period, the area became part of the Alta California state. In 1846, Governor Pio Pico granted Eulogio de Celis a land grant in the area that includes the city of North Hollywood today. Later, the Eulogio de Celis family sold part of their land grant south of Roscoe Boulevard to an agricultural group led by Iss B. Lankershim.


Getting to and from North Hollywood is relatively easy. The area is served by numerous freeways, including the 101, 134, and 170. Although driving times will vary depending on traffic conditions, you can easily reach the heart of Hollywood from North Hollywood within fifteen minutes. From here, you can also take the Metro Red Line, which will take you to Downtown Los Angeles in under an hour.


North Hollywood, also known as the NoHo Arts District, is an arts-centric community located in the San Fernando Valley. There are numerous theaters, cafes, and galleries in the NoHo Arts District. The city is also known for its diversity, with a population of nearly 90,000. The city is undergoing rapid residential development, and the Metro's Orange and Red lines have greatly improved pedestrian-friendliness.

Rent in North Hollywood is relatively affordable. The median annual rent is $2,688. The median household income is $56,030. The highest-priced properties are situated in the Arts District, while the most affordable are in the downtown core.


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